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Have you noticed wet spots forming on your ceiling after heavy rain? Are you in need of roof repair?

No problem, because APEX Roofing & Construction is here!
Situated in Santa Fe, TX our company has become the leading roofing contractor in the area! With 20 years of experience, we have become more than capable to take on any roofing task. We provide a wide range of roofing services but don’t forget to check out our high quality siding services as well! Here are few examples of what we can do for you:

  • Professional roofing contractorsroof maintenance
  • roof repair
  • roof installations
  • and more!

APEX Roofing & Construction is not your average roofing contractor – we excel in our work methods and always deliver outstanding quality! Our Santa Fe, TX roofer team of highly experienced professionals follow a specific set of safety rules, in order to execute any task flawlessly!

APEX Roofing & Construction did a great work on my flat roof. They were the only roofing company that was able to stop the leaks! Will recommend to my friends and family!

Our roofing company advises all amateurs not to attempt to perform roofing tasks. The reason for this, is that the work area is located high above ground – a fall may occur, and result in serious injury. Leave the work to us! Our trained specialists possess the right knowledge and equipment needed for the job. Before we commence any service, we will send a professional roofer to correctly assess the situation. Sometimes, a roof issue won’t be apparent until it is too late. This is why, it’s imperative to take preventative measures in time!

Roofing construction in progressIf any of your roof tiles have been damaged by the weather, it can affect your roofing with grievous consequences. For example, if the roof pressure fails, moisture will be introduced to the support columns. It is only a matter of time for mold and mildew to take over – if left unattended, the moisture will cause the roof beams to rot and eventually collapse.
Now this is something we want to avoid, right? This is why APEX Roofing & Construction invites you to trust in our capable hands, and we promise to deliver the high quality results you desire.

Santa Fe, TX is a location that shows great promise, towards the roofing business. But a client must always be careful, because fraudsters are always on the lookout too! There are documented cases which describe how most of them operate. If you hire a company and then they hire a sub-contractor, something must be amiss. When you hire a roofing company they should be able to undertake that project without the help of anyone else. Another good point, is if they request payment prior to proper inspection – in those cases they would name a sum much too great and bargain relentlessly for it. Be very careful, and if you have suspicions that you might be getting ripped off do not hesitate to contact the proper legal services!

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We provide all of our roofer services at budget-friendly rates. Our specialists are standing by, ready to make an estimate and commence work. We are eager to complete any project, and satisfy any roofing need. If you would like to contact us and find out more about our services, please do not hesitate in contacting us at: (409) 927-4959