Three Summer Roofing Tips From a Roofing Service Provider

Enjoy Your Summer by Preparing Your Roof

Summer is a time when many people take care of home repairs they have been putting off all year. One such repair that you should not put off is roof maintenance. A well-maintained roof can protect your house from the elements and add value to your property. Here are three summer roofing tips from a roofing service provider you can follow to prepare your roof for what’s coming so you can fully enjoy all the weather summer has to offer:

Examine Your Shingles

First and foremost, ensure your roof’s shingles made it through the pasts months unscathed. Whether you experienced icy rain, heavy snow, or below-freezing temperatures, the winter elements are a lot on your roof. Examine your shingles in order to spy on any curling or deteriorating, and make sure no pieces are missing. Why? Well, if you’re shingles are curling, they will be more likely to break off in the event of high winds, creating gaps in your roof. When a shingle deteriorates, the granules begin to rub off pushing the shingle toward the end of its lifespan. If enough granules are lost, leaks could be caused.

Inspect Your Skylights

Next on the list is to inspect your skylights, or sun tunnels, and the area of the roof around them. You’ll want to ensure the seal is still strong where your window connects to the roof and that there are no leaks in the window itself.

Check Your Gutters

Finally, it’s important to check for loose, leaky, or clogged gutters. If there is improper drainage from where the gutters catch the water and then run it down to the ground, you could experience flooded gutters. And if there are leaks or if the gutters are loose, your gutters will fail, resulting in the water dropping immediately from where the gutters should have caught it.

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